04.04.21 | BY Simon Mahony

Some observations from implementing Named Entity Recognition Algorithms in the real world

We spend a large part of our time working with text data and as a result we often find ourselves implementing some kind of NLP tool either a...

7 minute read
04.03.21 | BY Simon Mahony

Why is impactful data hard to find and what it means for the future?

Many investors have in their heads a model of the commercial world that feels natural to them. In this model the basic units are the listed ...

6 minutes read
04.01.21 | BY Simon Mahony

How to get more value from data: actionable solutions to common problems

In the past few years we have worked with many fundamental investors to help them get value from new data and over that period we’ve seen ...

8 minute read
04.01.21 | BY Simon Mahony

Bad Data in Official Places: the UK’s National Storage Mechanism

Like most people when possible we prefer to get our data from the official source, we also like it when companies are compelled to provide t...

3 minutes